Our Community

Victron Energy is  a privately held company, our charitable activities make a difference in the community, strengthen our team, and improve communications and relations among our employees. As a company we focus our stewardship on supporting freedom, youth-focused education/development, supporting of public servants and assisting in the support of local community events. Victron strives to not only be a leader of charitable contributions but also to set a precedence of community involvement.


Early in Victron history, Ali Sharaf made a conscious decision to give back to the community. “When you give, it will always come back to you.” he would often say. There are numerous stories of his generosity.  One in particular is told by a son of a senior center director in a community where Ali had opened up a business. When he was a still a youth, he remembers Ali would provide lunch for the center once a week.  With this commitment to generosity Victron continues to direct charitable resources to the local community. Over the years, The Sharaf Family, Victron Energy and its affiliates have donated millions of dollars to the local community.    

Victron Family Headquarters

In addition to the commitment to the local community Victron had been recognized in the industry as a top performer both in terms of the volume of fuel distributed and the quality of its operations.  Recognized by Exxon as a platinum performer and Shell as a gold tier performer speaks to the commitment to high quality and the consistency to perform year after year.  The awards are based on year after year growth and a graded performance of execution at the distribution point.   Victron is also recognized by many other franchises that it is affiliated with.