Our Offering

Fuel Distribution All of Victron Energy’s sites are located throughout the state of Texas, primarily in the North Texas and Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. We currently supply hundreds of gas stations with fuel across multiple brands. All of our locations are independently operated This agreement enables us to govern the distribution process on your behalf and secure delivery for any of the major brands to you. Read More

Store and Franchise Before you decide where you want your fueling station, Victron Energy can help you to assess the ideal location. The state of Texas and the Dallas-Fort Worth area are one of the fastest growing markets in the region; we have been in the area for years and can provide in-depth knowledge of the market. Read More

Expansion Assistance There are many laws, regulations and compliance requirements in the energy industry that govern branding and store expansion. Certain stipulations are implied and specific documentation is necessary for the legal operation of your business. We have in-house legal advisors that assist with any regulatory or legal needs of our customers. Read More

Real Estate Expertise Throughout our company's history, we have overseen and conducted hundreds of land deals and raw land developments. We have developed gas stations, truck stops, retail centers, food franchises, apartment complexes, hotels, and more.

With hundreds of millions of gallons of fuel sold annually, we have the expertise and the supply network to handle your commercial, industrial and fleet volumes, big and small. Contact us to learn more about our competitive pricing, excellent customer service and genuine concern for your business to "Keep Moving Forward."