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Win Win Solutions
Before you decide where you want your fueling station, Victron Energy can help you assess the ideal location. Consideration of neighborhood, population and high traffic routes is fundamental to the success of your business. We have extensive insight on all new key developments in the state of Texas. Also, through our contracts with all of the major oil brands, we remain knowledgeable of all required qualification criteria, and we will assist you in selecting the brand best suited for you. Lastly, we can oversee the compliance process and all the mandatory paperwork such as licenses, permits, applications and local fire department registration requirements.

When you enter into an agreement with Victron Energy, you gain a business relationship that strives to always have your success at heart. When our customers are successful, we are successful. Technology allows us to interact daily with each customer, so we can better assist in our customers success. Upon request by a customer, at any given moment, we can monitor a store, have the systems polled and observe the inventory to detect any leaks.

Communication is Key
Consistent communication is vital to your success. Whether it’s Victron Energy relaying revised industry standards or the latest profitable sales promotions, or it’s you suggesting new marketing strategies, we recognize that keeping the air waves open is key to a prosperous venture. We are committed to communicate with you.

As your sublet we will:

  • Assist you in the setup and arrangement of your site or review your operations to find the best way to manage traffic flow and increase revenue.
  • Change pump toppers and provide display materials for ever-changing, vendor-driven promotions.
  • Assist you in signing up or registering for various rebate programs and advertising campaigns offered by various marketing brands.
  • Send out daily pricing changes so that you can accurately advertise the most current prices at your store.
  • Funnel information from the vendor to you, saving you valuable time, effort and money.